A rantbox

Observations #412

Today is a beautiful day. It's warm and sunny, the woman are pretty in their summer clothes and statistics class only tool 23 minutes. Hell, even the grad student giving the practical was pretty.

After that, I spent about an hour trying to get on the campusnet with my N810, only to find out there's a bug in the proprietary wifi driver/stack from Nokia that causes my username/password to come through scrambled...

I saw Herbie on the highway from my metro today.

Also, I admire the way two girls behaved in the crowded metro. They both where quite heavily burned (as in "from a fire"), both in their faces and on their limbs, but they wore nice summer clothes nonetheless. Really too bad to have your skin and beauty destroyed that way; one even missed most of her fingers on her left hand, still steadying herself with it against the rocking of the train. They made quite an impression on me. I even thought I knew one of them; it's a weird world...