A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Digital Archeology

Yesterday a thought struck me again, and I decided to finally dive into my collection of old harddisks. I even found the archive with old Outlook Express .dbx files. Yes, there was a time I used windows and even that crappy e-mail client that shipped with it, as Thunderbird didn't exist yet, Mozilla suite was way unwieldy and Pegasus mail just hang for some reason. I looked for tools to convert the weird proprietary database files to something like mbox's or individual mail files, but each I tried was quite broken. So I borrowed the girlfriend's windows laptop, created a new user and new OE profile, overwrote it with the backup I found and was quite pleasantly surprised all folders showed up correctly. An import into Thunderbird and setting up my IMAP account later I was happily uploading old mail to my mail server.

Good times.