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Receive Sentry messages as Telegram notifications

To be able to receive Sentry notifications on Telegram (without using the plugin which only works in the self-hosted Sentry server), one can use webhooks. As I have webhaak to ducttape together webhook all the things, I created a script to send messages to our dev chat, filtering away some …

webhaak all the things

If you're not using webhooks yet to automate things from automatically generating documentation, running tests, updating websites and web applications based on events, please go read up on them. In the meanwhile, I've basically hooked up all my personal projects based on webhooks in GitHub and gitea, powered by my …
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Because it's Friday, I was bitten by a filled-up volume on my VPS again, because Prometheus somehow is randomly crashing my VPS, and because I like thinkering and Python, I wrote a little notification script. Yes, it checks for available disk space on your nodes, with configuration per hostname (it's …