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NestDrop: Presets Collection – Cream of the Crop

Nestdrop milkdrop/projectM preset collection

After my piece on projectM last year, I installed it on several computers, not really thinking about extra .milk preset files (which contain the animations). Today, after some short searching thinking there might be more out there, I found this little gem of a collection:

Presets Collection – Cream of the Crop

I’ve spent a ton of time curating a best-of collection of presets for VJ’s to perform with. Over the years the Milkdrop community has released about 52,000 presets and so I selected only the best ones and ended up with 9,795 presets. I also organized the presets into categories and subcategories.

  • Collection of 9,795 Milkdrop presets
  • Includes preview images of each preset
  • Readme with install instructions

Suffice to say I now have too many presets to choose from ^_^

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