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The little things

On my way back from work it started to snow tiny flakes. When I stopped at a traffic light, they turned out to be beautiful snow crystals, 3 to 4mm across. Made me smile.

A very good 2010!

2009 was a weird year; on the one hand it was quite bland, on the other we did some real cool things, like going on a mind-blowing trip through southern Africa, jumping on the wedding train (the actual fact will take place this new year) and buying a house, amongst …

Coffee is good, in contrary to my daily rhythm

Coffee considered a Good Thing(tm), especially espresso. But only 3-4 cups a day. Now that's what I drink max, so that's ok with me ;) But they say that I should avoid instant... Too bad. In other news: I got an air mail of the Domain Registry of America with …