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The end of 2017

Christmas piece on table

The end is near. Well, at least the end of 2017, as this roller-coaster of a year is counting its last days. In less than two days, it will be Christmas, and these days mean a general slowing down of life and making time to enjoy each other for us. Our lives are marked by taking care of, entertaining, but also enjoying our young kids, and I hope 'enjoyment' will be the theme for all of us. It's hard working as is, better enjoy the ride a bit too :)

This weblog turned 14 two days ago on December 21st, which reminds me I have some articles in draft that need finishing (really, I think they are worth it, but writing is time consuming).

The future might not always seem very bright (glancing around at the global news), but we are still a big part of creating our own, and I think 2018 will shine a bit brighter than 2017. Lots of changes have past, some are still taking place and have us re-settle in new customs, ways and day plannings, but as time goes by, everything is falling into place.

Have a good time together with your loved ones, enjoy, and look up into the face of 2018!

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