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Battling tiredness with drugs

Headphones, keyboard, and mug

It might be the time of the year, with its short days and long, dark nights, it might be kids causing us to pull our hair out, taking their emotional toll and sipping energy, and work is also a big energy sink (thankfully mostly a gratifying one), but I have trouble staying alert or even awake at times.

I find myself battling fatigue and motivational dips with drugs. Nothing altogether serious though, as they are perfectly socially acceptable: I turn to trusty old caffeine (both coffee and some fine teas) and audeine, which might work even better, as the right music helps tune out the blues, distracting noises, and bring in the good vibes, rhythm, and focus through aligned alpha waves. I made that last part up, but it could as well be true.

Of course, the best antidote to tiredness is getting good nights of sleep. I think there is a bit room of improvement there, but it's not like I'm not sleeping well at all, so I wonder what really is causing this fuzzy, woolly head that leads to me writing this article as an upper while debugging a particularly annoying problem at work. Going to bed even earlier is conflicting with my desire to even have a part of the evening left for myself and my significant other to do some reading, series watching, or even sports. Yeah, life is hard ;)

Heh, I just found this post about Staying Awake at Work, and I think I check most marks already. Being able to ride my bicycle to work really is a fine thing. Maybe I'll burn some scented candles while snacking in the meanwhile.

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