A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

dammIT 6 years young, learns how to write

My weblog is now old enough to start learning how to write itself! Back in 2003 I started a weblog because I was curious to the phenomenon, how it would work out for myself (writing in English, dumping my thoughts online) and just to vent my frustrations with the day-to-day life on.

This year was a tad quiet, with lots of weeks going by only having the generated blogmarks postings. The counter for this year is currently stuck on 212 blogmarks; interesting or just funny sites I wanted to share with you, my loyal reader. 86 rants were posted, of which 46 are those automagic postings. That means I even posted 40 times myself, which is more than I suspected. Still, not *that* active, as it was better in previous years.

It likely didn't help that I started using Twitter this year too, as a lot of minor thoughts and ideas ended up going there instead of being posted here. I might put up a twitter thingee in the sidebar, or just try to remind myself to post ideas here more often, like I should. Either way, you might want to check out my twitterfeed.

Today is Yule and also the shortest day of the year, marking it officially Winter. There's a lot of snow outside and more light than the average winter day, so I'll just revel a bit in the grey-white glow and try to be productive for another day. Or I'll go outside with my camera. Whatever is more fun.