A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Ideas for a personal network

Some ideas for a modularised set of gadgets that work together in a personal network [e.g., "on the body"]:

  • PDA [provides touch sensitive screen, other input possibilities, wifi, some storage]
  • Music player [provides hdd storage, has small screen and controls for standalone functioning]
  • Cellphone [provides gsm/3G uplink, possibly snapshot camera/video chat possibilities]
  • Wireless foldable keyboard
  • GPS/Galileo mouse
  • Digital camera [can use GPS for recording coordinates in EXIF, bluetooth to store to hdd alongside its own card storage, pda can show pictures from hdd on its biggish screen]
  • Wristwatch with stats/phone & music controls etc
  • [Bluetooth?] stereo headset with microphone

Bluetooth 2 or low-power, quite highspeed equivalent connects it all. The PDA can control the music player and the cellphone [answer/make calls, send text messages etc].