A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Back and online again

We just got back from Corfu, and I just got online again after a refreshing period of offlineness. The statistics:

  • Number of digital photographs copied to my laptop from the image tank we had with us on vacation: about 2000
  • Number of megabytes these take: 6582
  • Number of pictures I want to set as my new wallpaper: too many to count
  • 9 days of sun, blue skies, blue seas and heavenly warm weather
  • 1 day of rain, thunderstorm
  • Considerable amount of rain on this side of the plane ride...
  • Number of unread mails: approx. 326, of which 65 spam, 66 mailinglist digests [with at least 300 emails in them :)] and 11 Morphix mails
  • 414 spam messages caught in my "possibly spam" filter
  • The amount of time it took my pda to download all these over wifi: about 3 minutes
  • Number of updates on this Debian sid box: 147 [118 MiB]
  • Number of days of backlogs of my favourite IRC channels: 11

Ah, good to be back again :)