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Morphest 2005: HOWTO

The email I just sent out to the participants:

Hi folks,

as Morphest 2005 is drawing near, you would certainly want some additional information about what, how, where, when and why.


Having fun, doing some Morphix stuff, getting to know each other better, drooling on gadgets, drinking beer, drinking more beer while partying in Amsterdam and generally having some fun.


Our base will be my and my girlfriend's apartment. I've thought about the best way to reach us, and I think that'll be by train, as that's by far the cheapest way. I'm borrowing a car, so we can move stuff quite easily. Please have a look at the Morphest 2005 page for more information.

So, how?

First, I'd need to know what flights you're on and when these are planned to arrive. As can be seen on the Morphest page, three of you will arrive at Saturday morning [if I get my facts straight]. I want to pick you up at Schiphol, where we will assemble and then take the train to a station nearby our home [tickets are about 3.20 Euro pp -- a lot cheaper than a cab], where we will travel the last bit by car.

Alex and Jure: I think it may be an idea when Alex will pick Jure up at Schiphol and you both travel by train to Uitgeest station, where I will pick you up? Jure can buy a ticket with reduction. Please let me know what you think.


[I'd rather not post my full address online]


Well, from Saturday 26 till Tuesday the 29th of November officially. Jure [gandalfar] and Alex will arrive at Friday the 25th and help me doing some groceries and setting up some stuff [right? ;)]. Tuesday will mostly be spent departing. Ideas for what to spend our time on are welcome :) At this moment, only partying through the night of Saturday till Sunday dawn is on the list.


The same as for Morphix: Just For Fun(tm), for taking over Europe and the world, and to drink beer, of course.


  • Should I create a local Debian mirror on my server beforehand?
  • Please let me know when you arrive, and your flight numbers when relevant.
  • Olivier: will you inform Marc? When are you planning to arrive?
  • We seem to have enough sleeping material, except for maybe a mattress. Maybe Olivier and Marc can bring something?
  • More information at the well known, and just updated http://aquariusoft.org/page/linux/morphest2005/

If something is still unclear, please let me know.

Cheers and looking forward to it,
Michiel Scholten, aquatix @ #morphix