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Tine 2005 -- part deux

So I spent my day at the RAI walking along the booths of The ICT Network Event, TINE, along with Wouter, a friend of mine. We got stuffed with loads of goodies and gimmicks [see the gallery for pics of all of it] and had too many chats with marketingpeople wanting to sell too expensive services or equipment [the equipment overall was very nice tho'].

We also went to a talk from Allard Kalff, a Dutch race-driver [also known from his work for tv, including the Dakar Rally]. He had some interesting inside information about Formula 1 racing [basically that the teams consisting of about 30 people for one or two cars are divided in two parts: half computer people, half non computer people; the tune _everything_ on the car by simulating stuff, measuring all kinds of circumstances and doing all those measurements real time, all across the world -- direct connection to the engine plant etc]. It's that remote tuning is prohibited, otherwise you wouldn't need a driver [well, he admitted that with all the high-tech, the driver still is the concluding factor]. Anyway, quite interesting, and he was really nice to let me take some pictures of him. As was his teammate Dillon Koster [I really hope I got his name right, as I forgot and had to research it on the web :P]. As said, check the gallery.

There where really too many boothbabes, some of them in way to thight suits :)

We didn't go to the discussion with Michael Robertson of Linspire because of a lack of time, but all in all we had some really nice impressions, like the one about a VMWare server -- running all flavours of OS'es -- which could migrate processes among the various virtual servers and other nifty stuff. [Yeah, that's a win2k3 console they are running the Enterprise console on; they are working on a Linux based console. Enterprise edition is cool, as it's VMWare straight on the hardware, not running on top of another OS].

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