A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Functional programming and weekend fun

How come I find myself sitting behind a SunRay ultrathin client on the University when it's such a nice day outside? Partly because I'm way busy this week and wanted to do the theoretical computer science assignments today and partly because of a misunderstanding from my part of the schedule. It boils down to the fact that the deadline was yesterday, but the assignment was put online only last Wednesday, and because that where two very busy days and I didn't read the courses website in weeks, well, I'm finding myself trying to wrap my mind around Object Caml [about which more on this site] to finish a whole list of exercises. Big fun.

If I'm lucky, I've finished it in time to have my GPG key signed by someone from this University, which would be nice as it would be the first time for me :) Then I'm off to pick up my GF and travel along to a holiday house my parents rented for the weekend, as they are married for 25 years this Sunday. And that's a good reason to celebrate a bit.

So, I'll be out of town until somewhere next Monday. Be back to you then :)