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TINE 2005

I went to TINE 2005 today. This is an event for ICT professionals, where you can ogle at huge server racks, backup systems, nice Apple hardware, boothbabes and lots of goodies. It was quite fun, chatted a bit with all those buzz-fuzz dudes and saw a few nice things.

An impression:

Red Ferrari

Ferrari as goodie [no take-home...]

Boothbabes on sportscar

Boothbabes on a sportscar

Gadgets in car

Interior of a Mini Cooper with loads of tech: Apple Mini, GPS, DVD, lotsa screens, UMTS connectivity, AIRPORT wifi stuff etc

And then there was a presentation about IT in the Formula 1 etc with Allard Kalff [a well-known Dutch driver/tv host]:

Me and Allard Kalff

Me and Allard Kalff

Me and Dillon Koster

Me and Dillon Koster [one of his teammembers]

All in all quite fun. I'll be putting up more pictures in the gallery, so stay tuned [not that they are that breathtaking or something] See the TINE 2005 gallery for more pics