A rantbox

Not dead yet(tm)

For those wondering, the wonderful thing called University has opened it's gates again and is sucking up lots of my precious time. As I'm planning to actually get my bachelor this year [that's about two years late :/ ], I've dived headlong into it. So, I'm not dead, only a bit occupied by looking at a 4x2 grid of beamers showing off a stereoscopic 3D animation at my Computer Graphics classes [that's 16 beamers with 8 computers working in parallel] and by drinking beer at the university pub. I actually got sunburned there [love the terrace, but sitting in the full sun from 1PM until 4:30PM is a bit much for my poor skin apparently].

Something you'd surely call dead, is the unfortunate Genenis probe. The poor thing should have landed with a parachute and grasped out of the air by some Hollywood stuntsman, but it speeded to earth a bit faster than anticipated due to the parachute failing. I guess those tiny solar wind particles are a bit contaminated with sand now, if existing at all anymore... Too bad, because I thought it was a cool project.

Not as dead as that probe, but somewhat hybernated are most of my projects. I guess I'm a bit notorious about starting a lot of interesting things, but having some difficulty finishing them properly [because there are lots of other interesting things to start next], but by spending lots of my time in classes and at my work I only have a bit motivation to work a bit at my sites, like doing the next version of this blog; designing a simple generic blog utility in PHP is part of the project, but tweaking it's appearance with ideas from some good designer sites is even more fun. Being creative with other things than pure code can be very nice. Maybe I'll even start drawing again.

Anybody caring about usability, eye candy and/or GUI's in general is free to react or e-mail me about improvements to the interface of this blog or the aquariusoft.org site.