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US acting like China and paper documents suck

There have been quite a few protests against Bush in New York lately. The Axis of Eve Panty Flash Protest I like the best, but there are lots of others, like the bicycle rider protest. Lots of people where arrested, over 1500 as I heard. Now doesn't that seem a large number? I hope the US will not imitate China in it's political censuring system.

It's official: paper documents suck. I really dislike their lack of search function, so I'm only using paper documents I got handed out in classes or for taking notes in classes with algebra and stuff. I really would like to use my laptop or pda for that but for now I'm stuck with only using my pda and laptop for everything else.

In other news: IKEA seems to be so popular it kills people and fruitporn are considered harmful, as is DRM, human behaviour and tech and are Goths [I think gothic people are cool; they surely beat the crap out of those fake skater punks]. And, we may not be alone after all so people, stop watching Vintage Girly pinups and start making Earth a better planet to live on. By banning DRM and leading Morphix to world domination or something.

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According to this BoingBoing posting there are even more people arrested; 1800 of them. Take a look at this related blog posting--which debunks the notion of "widespread arson"--too. This "NYPD crowd control tactics at the Repulican National Convention" prevents a "replay of 1968 in Chicago", which, according to this page about that event "changed our political and cultural institutions, and so it shaped our current political and cultural life". So, the NY police seem to be quite effective in suppressing changes in the current political situation in the US. I think that isn't the way a democracy should function and - as I said before in this post - the situation in China comes to my mind.