A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Party-induced comas considered healthy

Finished my breakfast at about 3PM today after about 12 hours of sleep. That twelve hours compensated for the about 2.5 hours of sleep I got the night before, at Alex' place, after a night of drinking beer, wandering around looking for a train [missing the last one home], wandering over to a pub, having a good time again, going back to Alex' place to watch I, robot while being barely awake and falling asleep at the couch. Coffee really helped with getting me started again [read: not yet awake then]. I wasn't quite awake while getting to work by train, metro and foot too, and only after three Red Bulls, the Prodigy and lunch I was starting to actually getting some work done again. Ah well, it wasn't a bad day. A quite fun one even, making fun with coworkers.

I didn't need one of these nifty GPS belts to get to a metro station and later to find a train back home and then my bed, which was a good sign. And with the new Prodigy [Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned] I'm actually enjoying this Sunday. Especially Hotride is one hell of a track. So, while Alex continues looking for his vacuumcleaner, I went chuckling over an iVan advertisement [one of a zillion iPod ad spoofs], about a guy loosing his last piece of property in the fierce winds. Talking about going fast: with these haunting your car you would want to drive fast. Of course they're only balloons, but of the better kind.

Furthermore, I ran across a PHP script for GMail for cellphone, scary electronics for inside your body, freaky cars with names of a favourite PDA phone, an example of bad interface design in a Samsung cellphone, a new Samsung linux based PDA/cellphone, which is the sister of the Samsung SPH-i700 we're playing around with at work, but both probably won't release in Europe... Not that I care about the pocketpc version, but the linux based one looks cool. So does this designer PC which sports a decent, clean design, as Apple is specialised in. Too bad it runs windows, but I guess GNU/Linux will run smoothly on it too ;) At least this nifty tablet does. Finally a decent GNU/Linux based tablet!

In my party-induced coma I had some dream about an inflatable space ship, which turned out to be a real design. At Alex' party we all agreed that tech support sucks [it may be good for your skill in judging people, so you can adjust your speech to their level of noobness]. I see more and more worrying signs of common sense being replaced by technology [think about the new security systems of the US too], so I was a bit relieved when I got to laugh about this little cartoon making fun out of the new iMac.

So, do I have anything useful to say today? I guess not, it's my blog/rantbox after all. However, I would like to mention that Alex' party was fun, that he has some big ass appartment [he even has a huge bath, damn him], that I, robot actually is quite good, that it's a freaky weird world we live in, that I'm going to hack at my Minix TCP stack this week for the third year, that Distributed Systems is quite fun, that drinking beer at the VU is even more fun [scheduled tomorrow], that weekly comas are good and that I suck at writing rants. Especially while being asleep and facing another week of hard labour. Ah well, at least it's fun sometimes.