A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Weather forecast:: (null)

[WeatherNotFoundException in:/system/environment/content/weatherState.java] Cannot retrieve mapping for action /showWeather'

I guess my system just doesn't buy the current shizzle drizzle as weather. Stupid spring :) I can't disagree with Java's need to have some Sun ;)

As I said in a comment to my previous posting, I'm trying to do something against my time-management problem. I'm just too fed up with being busy the whole day and actually doing nothing. Except for learning a whole lot new useless news. So I'm prioritizing matters, deciding what I really wanted to read [daily], and what's just time wasting mountains of information. I'll keep those repositories for really boring Sunday afternoons - however, those afternoons are a great opportunity to create/do something usefull.

So, I'm going to do my best creating a presentation of about 10 slides and 15 minutes of talk out of my 5 page paper. That will be fun, especially when I get my Linux laptop to work with the beamer at that room so I can do my very first OOo presentation :P

And besides that, I'm going to help Bart and Hedda with that Computer Networks exercise. Will be fun :/ At least I will be helping some people :)

I feel quite good about changing my way of life and I wonder if I've changed it enough to survive the weeks of non-stop working that are ahead of me. That'll be a great deal of fun... Well, it will be for my wallet ;)