A rantbox

aquariusoft.org updated, presentation outline to be done next

Phew, well, the [almost] final version of the aquariusoft.org design is up. Finally. Still a lot of work has to be done to get a fully functional website [why do I always want to reinvent the wheel? Hmz, maybe because it's cool :)]. Anyways, the CMS is far from finished, and I want to create News and RSS functionality too. And of course add some content, because it still looks rather sparse. I updated the various pages, but I really should spend some time fill in the large gaps. That's not my main priority at the moment however.

My main priority atm is finish an outline of the presentation for that paper of last week. I need to finish it Really Soon Now(tm), because I need it tomorrow :) Otherwise I won't have much to say in the meeting with the teacher. Ah well, I'll put something together, make some quick sketches and get along. Like - erm - with sleeping, because tomorrow I'll be working the whole day except for that quick meeting and Saturday I'm going to spend the day shopping in Amsterdam with my girlfriend. And Sunday there's some family party I'm going to attend. So I will be somewhat busy and I'm quite sure going to need my rest next week.

So what the hell am I doing here, besides making the pain in my wrists worse? Cya tomorrow =)