A rantbox

Me, hacking, school and life

So here I am, sitting behind my desktop workstation as usual, hacking away at my aquariusoft.org website [I use a s3kr1t url for the prototype ;)], reading my daily overload of news and blogs and trying to figure out how I can do a 20 minute presentation of a 5 page paper. That 20 minutes includes questions, so I guess I should just make a lot of controversial statements in a 5 minute talk, so I'm busy answering questions for 15 minutes =)

I recently discovered the fairly new open source audio player Rhythmbox, about which a small review has been written. I'm using the 0.6.10 version in the Debian repository [0.8.3 is current], but that old version already rocks, and it installs flawlessly at my Debian SID workstation. ALSA didn't seem to work with GStreamer [no sound :/], so I use ESD, and that's working just fine. The nice thing about this program is that it features a media library. I know that other programs feature one as well, but Rhythmbox is fast and has a great way to browse/search your music collection. Too bad the ID3 tags of my collection are p00p, in contrast to the directory structure I created for it. Ah well, maybe I'll change it, but that'll take more work than sorting out the uncategorized songs and stuff, a task I still have to perform too. I guess I'll leave it this way and just browse it on keywords and by chance.

On a wholy different note, I'm pondering about what I can do to make my little life worthwhile for the rest of the world. I know this sounds a little dramatic, but what's the use of our lifes anyway? Just being lived? I guess that's a start, but it would be nice if I can do something constructive to this old planet, albeit something small. So, besides finishing a bunch of old courses for my study to be finally able to really start my Master, I'm looking to do something for the Free Software Community. If I'm going to be serious with both points, I will have to alter my current lifestyle [good thing to do anyway] to include more constructive things instead of sucking up lots and _lots_ of useless^Wusefull information.

So, the first version of my what-to-do-with-my-life-todo-list looks something like this:

  • Skip those damn blogs and newssites for a change
  • Put a little^Wwhole lot more of effort in those exams
  • Finish those damn Bachelor courses
  • Do a Bachelor project to finish the Bachelor part of my study [probably next year, because this year I've planned to do a lot of working in May and June]
  • Help Alex with Morphix
  • Maybe maintain some packages for Debian? I'm thinking about the Xfce4 panel plugins or something
  • Earn some money along the way
  • Don't forget my gf ;)

Phew, well I wonder how this will work out. At least this list is now public, so people can slap me around my ears with it. Feel free to post more constructive items for my list.