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Computer anecdotes

Heh, well I've got my share of computers anecdotes from the last few days. First of all, my server died. It turned out to be a bad motherboard [and maybe a too light power supply], but at first I thought the main HDD drive had died. That would have been bad, because I didn't have backups of all data on it. For example the OS itself. So that was one scare [One that lasted one day and a half, partly because I was at work the Saturday it happened, and went out to watch Kill Bill vol. 2 that evening/night. The server was up again at 00:15 hours at Monday night...], after buying a new motherboard half an hour before closing time and some configuration troubles. And lots of dust to clean =)

That same Saturday, when me and my colleagues wanted to fire up our workstations, power turned out to be gone. For the zillionth time [note a small exaggeration] the safety had switched off the power from a large part of the building [including the servers :/]. So we went and replaced the main fuse and worked the rest of the day. Today, however, it blew again while everybody was working. So far for a reliable power supply. Another talk with the owner of the building will be next, I guess, because my bosses where, well, not pleased =)

Add up a misbehaving pc connected to a beamer at which we wanted to watch Kill Bill 1 and people whining about virus infections all around me, and I'm almost going to like computers... Ah well, at least my linux install won't be {aff|inf}ected by Sasser, except for the numerous emails about it on Bugtraq :)

edited at 2004-05-03 20:44

Woops, now I forgot to tell to _never slay root_ at your server. You won't be able to log in anymore. And stuff. Yeah, that was kinda stupid to do =) But I had a root session opened on the console of the server itself which I wanted to terminate. Well, slay root ain't the answer for sure =)