A rantbox

New thoughts on aquamorph and presentation coming near you(tm)

I just updated the aquamorph page with new thoughts and some general information. I want to do some work on it again, because I like it's concept and the previous release is becoming - well - ancient. I think that if I find time to do some testing next week, I can release a new version at the end of that same week. However, exams are drawing near [they are the week after next week...], so maybe it gets delayed. Again.

Another school thing is the presentation next Thursday for Communication Course for CS. It won't be such a big deal, but I'm going to make something nice tomorrow nonetheless. And I should prepare myself better then last time. [Mental note: check VGA outlet of my laptop too]. Presentations start at 8:45AM [sic!] and mine is the last one at 12:10. I hope I will still be awake then =)

Third school thing: that darn Databases teacher just didn't show up or something [there wheren't that many students either, but those that where where as confused as me, because there hadn't been a note about changes]. So, I wasted this afternoon with travelling and watching two guys playing UT at the computer labs' pc's. So far for time management. And I was thinking about skipping the class, but it was the last one before the finals of the week after next week. Stupid university.

Ah well, last Saturday I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend for some shopping [work was closed because of renewal of the floors. They wheren't as shiny at Monday evening as they where Monday morning however]. Bought some clothes and stuff, having a good time. Then went to a warm and cosy family party at Sunday. Very enjoyable too :) So, if I go get some rest now and make a nice 10 slide presentation tomorrow, things will be just fine =)