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Sloganator and those damn pda's

The Sloganator me be dead, but the posters live on. Some of the posters made on the make-your-own-slogan-poster-tool from the Bush-n-Cheney bunch.

On a different note: my interest in those Sharp Zaurus pda's was reawakened today when I came along someone who has on of the earlier models. I would really, really like to have the Sharp Zaurus C860, but why does it have to be so damn expensive? It's 847.40 EUR plus 74.92 EUR for a wifi card [and that one is a Special Purchase]. That's 922.32 EUR for a damn fine gadget. And I'm only a poor student... Maybe I can scrape together some savings and such =)

Am I *this* addicted to quality wannahaves?