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Eastern Standard Tribe

I forgot to mention I finished reading Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow last Thursday. I started reading it last Monday IIRC, so that was quite fast considering my exam schedule ;)

Anyways, it's a nice SciFi book [I read the free ebook version], about a human experience [aka human-gadget interface] designer in 2012. It's about mobile life, virtual communities [the Eastern Standard Tribe is the virtual community of the New York area, bonded by meetings on IRC and such] and the question: smart or happy?

It's written in first person, so the "writer" of the story asks himself the question repeatedly: smart or happy? Or, like he describes himself: to damn smart for my own good. Why that is you could better figure out yourself, because it's a nice book to read [and not that bulky too], being a little reflective on current developments like DRM and wireless internet services.