A rantbox

Hmm, Valentine's day

Take an interesting concept, Valentine's day. Make it as commercially as it is today. Then throw in those very interesting creatures called women. Result: a dilemma. Why? Because "you should not only give me attention at this day alone" etc. [and that's a very good point]. But if you don't do anything about this lover's day it's no good too. *sigh* So, I exaggerated a little yesterday and got my girlfriend a nice bouquet of roses after all. And she was more then happy with it ;)

Anyway, I'm going to spend a day working [hmm, still need some coffee], and maybe I've some time left to work at the system of this blog. But first I'm going to copy/paste my hour specification from the old tool into the new [more specific and thankfully more standards compliant] tool. Nice. Ah well, I'll live :)