A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Thou can stick It in Thyne Ars

Well, I'm totally pissed of by the e-mail I got a few days back from the supervisor of the Computer Networks assignment. We worked 2 times 5 months 3 days in the week on it, and all we got was a lousy e-mail stating something like "sorry, you didn't make the basic test. please try again next year". Sjeez.

With us are about 70 percent of everyone that worked on it this year, so maybe we could make a nice riot out of it.

Anyways, there's finally some good news for me too :) While studying last Wednesday for a reexamination, I found out the teacher made a mistake correcting the previous [flunked] exam. However, this man is only available on Fridays, so I did the new exam anyhow [not with much success thanks to a massive headache. Doing an examination from 18 to 21 hour is no fun...]. So I went to see him today and he was totally with me on this :) So instead of a 5.1 out of 10 I got a 5.9. And that's enough to pass it. W00t :)

Talked enough about that University part of my life. Tomorrow it's Valentines day and I'm not going to day anything about it. Gonna like the look on my girlfriends face ;) We'll see.