A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Looking beyond our electrical stars

... you can see things far more brilliant. This thought occurred to me while walking back home after parking our car in the garage, looking up to a windy but clear sky. I spended this afternoon with my girlfriend, continuing a nice weekend that started Friday after my last classes.

Friday I brought my laptop to the university so we could play some serious games :) Arcade games on mame more precisely. I somehow won too one time :)

After that came a Saturday that I spended at my work for the best part. But after that, I had diner with my friends Harry, Vanessa and Stijn at the place of the mom of Vanessa. That meant: Indonesean food. And it was good :) When finished eating we headed for my bosses' new place because he was both celebrating his birthday and keeping a housewarming party. Well, that party was beyond my expectations. Very enjoyable, interesting conversations. I got quite drunk too ;) [Jack Daniels black label and me are a good pair ;)]

So after sleeping quite some time and a reviving hot shower I went to my girlfriends place [thankfull to be able to borrow my parents' car because of the - still - nasty weather]. We had a good time and eated Boeuf Bourgondique, a Belgian dish.

Coming home I looked at the moonlit sky, stars almost everywhere dispite the glare of the lanterns. A very nice view. When I wanted to share this with you, I discovered to backlight of my laptops screen somehow wasn't working. Did my baby let me down after three years? After shutting it down and shaking it a little [pushing the case at some places] I switched it on again and now it did lit up. Phew... But still weird :/

I'm not that concerned about it and am glad to have enjoyed this weekend. I kinda feel revived after the weird week before. But I'm off to my bed now, otherwise that fresh feeling wears of way too fast ;)