A rantbox

Flaming fox, lots of work and a thing called VU

When you keep a rantbox, you should rant from time to time. So here I am again ;) . However, I'll switch to blog-mode, because my life isn't that annoying at the moment. Bummer.

First I would like to put my most used program in the spotlights: Mozilla Firefox. This is the latest version [0.8] of the rebuild of the GUI of Mozilla and is the new name of the browser formerly called Mozilla Firebird [people may remember it was first called Phoenix]. Try it all focks; it now has a nice installer [or download the .zip if you want to play it safe] and is working even smoother then ever. It has build in tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker and lots of other nice features I'm forgetting to mention because I'm too used to them :) . Lets just say that it feels so much more finished then IE and having a nicer [more integrated] GUI than Opera, but that's just my taste.

Then there's my work, with lots to do [thanks to that, because I'm on a spending spree... Bought 3 DVD's and an audio cd last week :) And then there was Valentine's day]. Nothing really to say about that. The VU however consumes most of my time with it's courses I'm doing again this year [yeah, flunked some last year]. I'm working hard on several Math courses and some other computer sciense things. Any change on my bachelor is vanished however because of the darn Computer Networks project we just got a "Sorry, didn't work" e-mail for. *sigh* Going to do something to that however [writing a letter or something], so if you want to join, feel free to e-mail me. [See the about page or my site at the VU].

On a different note, I'm writing a PHP script to parse a schedule file [text file with the schedule data in it, formatted somehow], which can show a schedule per week, day, print a nice overview and so forth. When it's finished [sic], I'll post a link here, so stay tuned :)