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It was a pretty good week this week. At work, a big project is nearing realisation, kids have been spending their energy playing outside, and I finally finished two sagas.

Battlestar Galactica main characters

The first was Battlestar Galactica which for numerous reasons was a multiyear endeavour for me. But what a finale! Suitable for the series, a proper saga. I know some people who are jealous I was watching it for the first time :)

Secondly, last night I finished reading Judas Unchained, which together with Pandora's Star is the Commonwealth Saga, and a very interesting tale of some intriguing happenings in a distant future of mankind.

That second book only took me three months or so (and I started reading the first book last August), which should not surprise me but somewhat irked me nonetheless, until I realised those two volumes together are basically eight novels with a total of 1600 pages. As one reviewer on Goodread puts it:

There's full-flung mil-SF, political intrigue SF, murder-mystery and spy SF, revolutionary thriller SF, media-scoop SF, as well as hardcore alien Hard-SF with Big Dumb Objects galore, miniature wormhole attacks, rejuvenation, memory cores so you can get a new body, as well as a LOT of nova'd stars. Big-ass scale.

Having finally finished it still feels a bit odd, and I can highly recommend it. Peter F. Hamilton did some great worldbuilding here.

Both long story arches keep echoing through my mind, I keep coming back to some details and rehashing parts, and will likely do so for a while yet.

My books page has more info about what I am reading or have been reading in the past.

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