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Holiday vim tweaking

~/.vimrc in terminal, themed

Some people binge-watch series when taking some time off, some read books, some enjoy comics, some take time off from computers for a bit, and some spend some hours cleaning up their vim configuration file.

This holiday, I did all of the above.

Yesterday, instead of spending one day gaming (which has become my yearly tradition) I performed some spring cleaning to my .vimrc. This was a bit overdue, as it accumulated its share of cruft over the years, and the internal organisation was lacking. I removed old plugins, did some debugging, moved around settings so they are clustered by function, and moved from good ol' Vundle to vim-plug, which does its thing asynchronously, so faster, and has some other tricks up its sleeve (like the ability to clean up directories).

This all lead to a tidier file, which I will use to finalise my follow-up to the ancient post detailing my .vimrc from 2014.

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