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If you maintain an open-source project in the range of 10k-200k lines of code, I strongly encourage you to add an ARCHITECTURE document next to README and CONTRIBUTING. Before going into the details of why and how, I want to emphasize that this is not another “docs are good, write …

NestDrop: Presets Collection – Cream of the Crop

After my piece on projectM last year, I installed it on several computers, not really thinking about extra .milk preset files (which contain the animations). Today, after some short searching thinking there might be more out there, I found this little gem of a collection: Presets Collection – Cream of the …
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Modern retro computer terminals

3D printed, retro-futuristic looking computer terminals. Not all as practical as the other, but inspiring and great looking at the least. I now kind of want an ultrawidescreen terminal on our table now.
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A question about statically generated websites

When I made a remark that my commenting system is working again, a reader asked a simple enough question: how does one build a site like this? I realised there is no simple answer to this. Well, there is, but it takes a bunch of knowledge (and skills) one has …


There's this Martin Molin guy that is a wonderful nerdy musician. He build the original Marble Machine and has been building a Marble Machine X ever since. His channel is a really nice documentary of the process and progress of this project, and provides a lot of detail of the …

Slightly sad about a big dish

Almost a week ago, the massive Arecibo Telescope (part of the Arecibo Observatory) collapsed. It used to be an impressive dish lying flat in the lush green forests of Puerto Rico. The construction already was deemed dangerous and was planned to be demolished, but the event still came as a …
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Energy: Shirobon's album 'Warp'

This excellent album by Shirobon gave me the energy to finish my day. I woke up with aching shoulders, neck, and upper back, so it was a fun day working at my desk. Listening to these retro-inspired tunes while cooking some dinner wrapped that part of the day up in …