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Mon 05 June 2006


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Every once in a while I crawl back out of my little cave and post here. The current occassion is a slew of exams I'm chewing through. As it's already almost halfway this not-so-new-and-shiny-anymore 2006, I'm having my end-term exams; all five of them. And having great joy studying and …


Wed 31 May 2006

It's that time of the year again

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Exam time! Four of them in under two weeks. In the meanwhile a homework assignment, some classes with at the end of the month June a fifth exam. Keeps you out of the pub ;)

And, of course, it's time to play around a bit with things you intended to do …


Fri 05 May 2006


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Geek's day out

  • Sunglasses? check
  • Cellphone? check
  • PDA? check
  • Wireless foldable keyboard? check
  • Wallet? check


  • University? check
  • Sunny place with a view? check
  • Beer? check
  • Friends to talk with? check
  • Ladies in summer clothes? check
  • Computer lab course in about -6 minutes? oops, check