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Public service announcement on this Mother's Day

Echo picture of first spawn

Before the end of the year I won't be a fulltime geek anymore. I will be a fulltime example for a new member of our society and parttime geek. Though I see possibilities to combine the two without doing too many concessions ;)

Our close family and nearest friends have known it for some time, but we just pushed out the first real post on our little family's weblog to shout it out to the world: we're doomed! Erm, scratch that. We're on our way to - what people say - to become the happiest kind of people in the world: fresh parents. (I think you'll have to ignore the sleep deprivation for a bit then).

As I noted in my post starting this year, this journey hasn't been without its bumps and false starts, but it seems to finally have begun. I have to say - even though I'm scared a bit - I really can't wait. It will fundamentally change the way our lives have been going for the last decade or so, but I'm really curious and slightly anxious for this new era.

Let the quest for strollers-with-tablet-holders begin!

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