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Fri 31 December 2010

Melting down into 2011

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

The snow now is rapidly melting and turning into fog, which suits me just fine. We had a white christmas (and a whole lot of other white days), and the ice on the roads kinda took the magic from it.

This wonderful 2010 is now almost over; a year in which a lot was done and accomplished. I'll start 2011 with a fresh new job, which I think will keep me stimulated for quite a while :) Really looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and jumping right into the projects that are already speeding along (hope I won't stumble when landing running ^_^ ).

Anyways, I don't have resolutions for 2011 (apart from trying to get the highest ones on my devices), but I'll try to post here more regularly. A post every week with some updates on interesting things I've done, seen and encountered online might be a good start.

So, have a happy last day of 2010 and see you in the new year!