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Tue 21 December 2010

Living in interesting times

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

Today this weblog, dammIT turned seven years old. Combined with it being nearly the end of 2010, you might say it's a good moment for some reflections of the past year.

2010 was a year which brought changes, brought endings, brought new beginnings. We managed to get married before I got my master having an awesome party in the process. I finished the last courses of my study and got to fetch the desired piece of paper stating I'm (finally!) MSc in Computer Science, ending quite an era I might say. We bought a new house and got to furniture it anew, making it really our home.

It also meant the end of me working for the Royal Dutch Navy. This is really a shame as I really enjoyed myself working there; having some great colleagues certainly helped with that. I look back at those nice years well spent. But after three years it might also be time to move on and so I found myself landing a job in our capital with some great company doing really interesting stuff online, which I also can't wait to be a part in.

Around us relationships blossomed or ended or where crowned with fluffy babies. All in all a weird, exciting and above all, really quite interesting year. A suitable ending of the naughts (2000-2010).

So 2011 begins with some fresh starts, a positive outlook and a quite relaxed me, even though our life is still pretty much in flux. Festive days, here we come. I'm ready, 2011!