A rantbox

Living in interesting times

Today this weblog, dammIT turned seven years old. Combined with it being nearly the end of 2010, you might say it's a good moment for some reflections of the past year.

2010 was a year which brought changes, brought endings, brought new beginnings. We managed to get married before I got my master having an awesome party in the process. I finished the last courses of my study and got to fetch the desired piece of paper stating I'm (finally!) MSc in Computer Science, ending quite an era I might say. We bought a new house and got to furniture it anew, making it really our home.

It also meant the end of me working for the Royal Dutch Navy. This is really a shame as I really enjoyed myself working there; having some great colleagues certainly helped with that. I look back at those nice years well spent. But after three years it might also be time to move on and so I found myself landing a job in our capital with some great company doing really interesting stuff online, which I also can't wait to be a part in.

Around us relationships blossomed or ended or where crowned with fluffy babies. All in all a weird, exciting and above all, really quite interesting year. A suitable ending of the naughts (2000-2010).

So 2011 begins with some fresh starts, a positive outlook and a quite relaxed me, even though our life is still pretty much in flux. Festive days, here we come. I'm ready, 2011!