A rantbox

Closing old chapters

Lately I've been working hard on finishing the last parts of my study. Half an hour ago, I submitted the final version of my thesis, but I'm too tired to be proud just yet. I guess that will come tomorrow when I print it, bind it and bring it to my parents later this week, only to discover they will like the pretty print and graphs (<3 LaTeX) but don't know what the hell I'm writing about in... is that English or something?

Oh well, I think it's a rather worthy milestone at the end of my Master. I have to wrap up some things yet before I can get my piece of paper (not to forget getting a grade for that document I just submitted), but it's nearing completion.

It only took me nine years or so.


Oh well, at least I have plenty of working experience on my resume, not to forget having had a social life beside following courses and doing assignments. Currently I'm enjoying an interesting job with great colleagues. I'll be fine :)