A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

The last mile

Currently I'm hard at work (well apart from writing this quick posting) to create a presentation of my Master research project. This will also be the defense, so I'm making myself a tad nervous for it (yeah yeah, it's just talking in front of a bunch of people about a subject you've been working on for a while, get a grip). But anyway, eating a lot of energy nonetheless.

At the upside, this depicts the last phase of my longish university life. I've been working a good deal of it too, be it parttime or even fulltime as I do now which is good for experience and my résumé, but that doesn't mean it isn't about time I finish it all. It will surely be a big weight falling off my shoulders, as I will be finally completely free to do my thing, without having the `hm, I need to finish $x too' nagging in the back of my head. Being able to just hang around a weekend with a drink, a good book and a clear conscience sounds like an awesome idea.

But there's a phrase that the last mile is the toughest, or how the Dutch say `de laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst'. It might be the reason I've been postponing things so badly, as I just want to go on with my life. Paradoxically enough, that's also the reason I'm still not done with it :)

That last mile might be done sprinting though, as I've sped things up quite a bit and am spending quite a lot (almost all) of my free time working at getting my simulations, data and thesis in shape. And of course that presentation. Did I mention I'm a tad reluctant to give it? It might just be I'm just not experienced enough with giving those talks in front of people, as it's really just talking for about 20 minutes at stretch about something I've been putting into words already. Still, I'm making myself nervous. Better get back to it and have it worked out decently. Preparation will help loads.