A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

On Twitter, twitting and twitpic

People around me and around the globe use Twitter to stay updated with the day-to-day (and sometimes minute-to-minute) things in the lives of others. Myself I barely have time and energy to post updates here and keep up with the news and my comics feed, so have skipped the Twitter hype completely. I made an interesting discovery/connection today though; people are using twitpic to quickly post pictures online from their cellphone and such. I remembered a meaning of "twit" that was somehow quite interesting in the context of both "twitpic" and "twitter":

–noun Informal.
an insignificant or bothersome person.
1920–25; perh. orig. n. deriv. of twit 1 , i.e., "one who twits others," but altered in sense by assoc. with expressive words with tw- (twaddle, twat, twerp, etc.) and by rhyme with nitwit

(Source; see meaning 3)

I found it striking :)