A rantbox

An interesting trip to work

This morning I had a not-so-uneventful road trip to work. Just after leaving the gas station and getting on the highway, I was amused by a BMW passing me by with its bonnet almost entirely unlocked. There surely is a reason for that second lock after all. Not long thereafter -- at a part of the highway that reduces the speed from 120 to 100km/h -- everyone seemed to be braking and reducing their speed to about 50 instead, me included. As I noticed there wasn't someone directly behind me, I decided to turn on my alarm lights as extra warning.

This turned out to be a rather smart move.

Let's just say that the aging VW Passat that was coming up to me at a speed of about 130km/h didn't have ABS, which was showing. I rather hope not to see such a cloud of smoke near my car any time soon again. It made for an alternative way of getting into gear on a Monday, being pumped with adrenaline seeing that car speeding up to me in my mirrors. I hope the lady didn't get a heart attack herself; she soon disappeared to the right lane, not driving that fast anymore.

Later on -- now driving on the 80km/h road that takes up the biggest part of my journey -- I noticed some brake marks on the road going straight on where the road takes a corner (about here). The marks continued into the grass at the other side of the road, where they terminated at a rather suspiciously black looking part of the anti-sound wall and a lamppost that wasn't quite standing the way it should. Looked rather painful.

Of course the trip wasn't complete without some slow driving lorries.

On a bright side, I saw two swans flying over, struggling against the wind that came from the left (western wind). It made them fly over rather slowly, showing off their greatness. Beautiful sight.