A rantbox


My head still hurts a bit from the lack of sleep last night, but it's worth it. The beer event was just plain awesome (those Belgian people sure know how to brew their beer) and the aftermath -- roaming through the streets of Brussels in search for some great kebab with bread -- was full of laughter.

Anyways, after sobering up a bit at the hotel, I set out with two of our group (Erik and Wouter) and a German guy we hooked up with for the trip. After a healthy amount of walking, a tram ride and some more walking, we arrived at the Janson hall, where we listened to the last few minutes of the Free Open Future before setting out for our FOSDEM bag and other stuff. We arrived back at the Janson for the Debian talk by Bdale Garbee and from there on roamed around hunting (hopefully) interesting talks and some food now and then.

Currently I'm in the X.org room, listening to the plans for Intel gfx this year. Quite interesting and hopefully leading to way better performance on Intel graphical chips. Also, my ssh sessions keeps getting reset, so my irc conversation really isn't. If I remember correctly, Indian food is on the menu for today (well, planned by our little group), which will hopefully make me feel slightly human again ;)

So, all-in-all I'm enjoying this geek happening. It's also fun to run into more and more people I know from irc, even if I didn't see them in real life yet; being a walking Soleus advertisement might help in that regard ;)