A rantbox by Michiel Scholten

Energy level: critical

Sorry if I sound whiny, but I have to get this out of my system (hey, this is my rantbox remember? :). Currently, I'm feeling like most of my energy has left me; I have to finish an assignment for my study (deadline any time now), spend my time at work and 2 hours a day driving to and fro over a boring road, work at finishing my Master in the evening and weekends and try to find some time for myself and my dear girl. While I'm trying hard to work on getting things done, nothing seems to be proceeding at the speed I want it to. Yes, there's progress, but damn it's taking ages and other things get added to the Todo in the meanwhile.

Mind that I don't dislike life in general, au contraire: I have a nice job, great, fun-loving colleagues, a loving and caring girlfriend and a car to spend those two hours a day in. I have a great house, my own geek cave and plenty of books and tech magazines to read (in my Fatboy or on the couch, whatever I prefer). It's just that I'm a tad "low" now and need to finish some things -- wrap them up -- so I can make peace in my head and free up time.