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To tweet or not to tweet

Twitter is well known by (weblogging?) online people. It's essentially microblogging, meaning that you update it more often than you would do with a weblog. Now I can see people rolling their eyes: "Oh noes, even more crap about what someone is eating currently or how the final product of that lunch sounded like on the fancy toilet of that great new club". Yes, you can use it that way, just like you can blog endlessly about the fibres in your navel. Or you can try keeping it interesting and write comments on an important happening straight when it happens or some enlighted thought you had while brainstorming. That's the new journalism for you.

I have actively ignored Twitter (only have the CERN feed in my Google Reader), and didn't want to even get an account. If people had something interesting to say, I would read it on their regular weblog. It's not like I have a lot of loose time on my hands to idle online.

But now I'm starting thinking in terms of Diginaut Gazette, or just Diginaut as some information/news aggregator where people can react on stuff, where `stuff' means extracts from RSS feeds of well-known tech geeks, interesting news sites or blogmarks like I have posted here for years. Somehow, Twitter seems to fit in. Especially when using some tools to bypass their (slow...) website and go straight to your desktop (Twitux, gtwitter for example) or use a mobile phone. That integrates better in you day-to-day life, being able to dump a thought or get an instant update from a friend, with the chance of disturbing a Zone when you're being really productive. Thankfully, everything has an Off button (or a just-don't-start it option), so that's accounted for.

So currently I'm pondering about whether or not to get (and use) a Twitter account, and more importantly about the future of diginaut.net. Interesting times ahead? Feedback welcome :)