A rantbox


I have been looking for a new domain which would work in parallel with aquariusoft.org. People tend to stumble a bit on that domain's name when getting my email address or url, so I wanted something more fool proof (cue Universe inventing a better fool).

Anyway, today in my drive to work I came up with something I hadn't tried yet, and behold, one variation worked and I think it's rather suiting even. Behold: diginaut.net. Yes, it might be a bit cheesy (hell, the current design sure is - beware my three-minute inkscape hack-up!), but it describes me: navigating the vast oceans of digital information, doing fun stuff with it. The .net domain of course is about the connected part.

I'm not sure yet what to do with the domain apart from finally having a proper one for my email addresses, but I think I'll figure out something. Suggestions are welcome :)

Now for some sleep.