A rantbox

Happy birthday dammIT

Today is the day that I started dumping my thoughts online by means of a weblog five years ago, which means the first lustrum party of this kind of web presence of mine. Yes, there are two older posts, but they are both from before the actual first implementation of the software running dammIT. Instead of getting an off-the-shelf solution, I decided to write my own webapp for it. This was partly because no good Free solutions were available back then (Wordpress was very beta if I remember correctly, as was most of the other stuff; only Movable Type was good, but that one was commercial) and of course mainly because I like doing things my own way. The list in the posting ("rant" in dammIT terminology, referring to my thought-dumps on certain aspects of Life) refers to the personal site that was there beforehand by the way. I basically turned some static pages into a weblog, removing unnecessary stuff and implementing a database back-end. It gradually evolved from that point to where it is now.

Today the software is actually quite usable, with decent editing functionality, (basic) comment moderation and such; almost anything I need really. According to the database, I have 756 rants posted in those years (including the weekly blogmarks which have been around for quite a while and seem to total to 129) and 2057 blogmarks (aka "links I'd like to share with you, as they are funny/informative/absurd/plain cool"). It's too bad now and then the system gets spammed to death, and I have to globally disable commenting (like currently). I want to put a small challenge into place, so hopefully comment spam will be remedied with that, while enabling normal people to react now and then. BTW, I like comments! Give me comments now and then, it's so quiet here ;) I guess it helps if I post more often too :/

That said, I want to revisit the site a bit (not much, I quite like it as-is, but just some minor tweaks like I almost always do when working on the weblog. Well, except for the break with exhibit A and exhibit B to the current design. Seriously, what was I thinking :)

Sooo... I think I will try to post more often here (yeah, been saying that for a while already), but now I want to really start doing so, as I notice I spend too much time working on those rants which prevents me to post more often. Having the weekly automated blogmarks posting fill up most of the recent history makes me kinda sad :) Making better use of the drafting functionality and posting more short updates will help getting me up-to-speed I guess. No compulsive blogging, that's something I hate, but just a semi-regular braindump like in the old times. Will without a doubt go well with the wine I want to consume more regularly (it's lovely to have a glass of decent red wine with your dinner now and then - I know, in moderation, I'll be good!). Here's hoping for the next five years!