A rantbox

RIP home server

I just bought a nice new, quiet Zalman 15mm thin cooling for her, cleaned her from dust, even cleaned the partitions of her hdd before powering down, but suddenly luna, my trusty home server/media box doesn't want to boot anymore. Worse, she doesn't even POST anymore. No VGA signal, no beep, no lights on a keyboard, just putting electricity on her guts, but staying dead otherwise.

It's a sad day.

Actually, it already happened yesterday, but I couldn't seem to revive her today either. Her hdd is in a usb enclosure now, subversion repositories moved and project files backupped (thankfully).

In more happy news, the SqueezeBox I wanted and ordered this week arrived yesterday and I've been playing a bit with it today. It's neat, it's awesome, it Just Works™ and is just plain fun to toy around with. Can't wait to hook it up to our hifi :)