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FOSDEM 2008 aftermath

Apparently I survived FOSDEM 2008, and I've put some pictures online to be my witness. I'm in none of them, but my fellow geeks are :) I should have made some more pictures of the hotel we where staying in, as it was a lot better than the hotel of previous year; the quality was a lot better, and it had a nice view from the restaurant, and quite a nice foyer. Oh well, at least you can get an impression of the room I shared with Gertjan.

If anyone wants the original sized version of some photo, mail me. Also, some pics are a tad dark, but I have the raw versions, so I can lighten them up [quite] a bit.

After the last talk on Sunday, we went for Brussels Central Station and had to hurry to get some food [Belgian frites :)]; I had to hurry even more, as I needed a ticket from Brussels Central to the Dutch border, and we only had 20 minutes to do both. When I finally came hurrying to the platform with two backpacks, food in one hand, ticket in another, I was told that the train was twenty minutes late. Oh well, we could at least eat our food in peace that way ;)