A rantbox

A more personal weblog

My girlfriend mentioned a little while ago that she likes vermyndax' weblog better, because he posts personal stuff between the more technical parts. Darn you Verm for stealing my GF's attention like that ;) She has a point though.

I'm not posting that much personal stuff here on purpose, as I don't want to turn dammIT into some livejournal. I generally just post things about which I'm enthusiastic, annoyed, are technically interesting etc. Every week, the software generates a wrap-up of my blogmarks, and that's about it. Lately, weeks could go by where only blogmarks where posted. Not a really interesting weblog to read ;)

So I resolved to post a bit more. I need to fix my homemade weblog software a bit, as I half-broke posting rants quite a while ago [so getting them online takes a few steps more than needed], and I'll try to tell some more about my life. Don't worry, I'll not go into details about how much coffee I drank that day [well... I'm drinking a lot more since I started working again ;)], but I'll tell some anecdotes and keep the world in general posted on the progression my Master research project makes. I can do posts from my N810 [my cellphone somehow doesn't like the https SSL connection], so I can even post from work, lazy chair or beach. Right, beach. Anyways, expect some more updates here soonish [as soon as I found the time to fix dammIT's framework].