A rantbox

When the birds awake

It was 6:10AM when my alarm clock gently started humming a tune from the radio. It was still dark [thanks, DST...], but I heard some birds already singing their morning songs. Groggily I stuffed some sandwiches in my mouth while getting some suitable day-clothes on, hoping they would match, as I kept the lights off to keep the GF asleep. After getting my hair in something not looking too much like some dead animal and stuffing an energy drink in my backpack [already anticipating the moment I would pop it open], I jumped on my bike. Well, shove on it, more likely, but whatev'. Being glad the sun had dawned so I could see the road ahead in nice technicolour instead of monochromatic yellow, I started off in the general direction of the railway station. There was a bird sitting sleepily at every other lightpost, and I wondered whether they had some set-up to do their morning droppings on unsuspecting cyclists. Didn't get any empirical evidence, luckily.

The station was quite crowded, and so was the train. Not being accustomed to it, I walked all the way to an extreme end of it and found a less occupied car. I whipped out my Palm pda and started reading some pdf'ed exams from previous years.

The transfer to the metro was even worse; the whole platform was crowded, and of course the only broken door was the one I frantically pushed the "open" button of. After finding a door which still allowed people to stuff into, I decided to just let myself be transported to the university instead of doing some extra reading. There just wasn't enough room. At least I was on time for the exam.

Ah, the exam... Let me just say I suck at doing exams at 8:45AM.

At the way back home, we noticed some trams and metro's standing in a row. Sitting there. Waiting. So, we looked around at the sunlit day and decided to take the walk to the transferring metro station. And all was well.

All became confusing when the GF called to say we could get another apartment, a much newer one than we currently occupy, and for only 80 euro per month more rent. It has two floors, and is about 80m^2, if I remember correctly. It's also just a few years old, whereas our current castle dates from the glorious 60's of the previous century. At last, we decided we'd just take a look and decide then.

I cycled back from the railway station, and decided to give the new record-n-video-games-store a spin. They should have Wii's there. Of course not in stock, but the guy behind the counter said they ordered 4, and gladly wrote a note to keep one for me. Yay! I decided to celebrate by buying some nice stuff to make sandwiches with, and eat some in the sun on the balcony of my computer room at home. Life is oh so weird. Where will we live in a year from now? The GF just painted a wall and the toilet green. Would be nice to see the look on the face of the next renters when they see it :)

If we decide to move.

Ah life, why are you so full of choices...