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Mon 26 March 2007

Spam and other annoying stuff

Posted by Michiel Scholten in posts   

And I'm at the exactly 6000 spam messages again in my email spam folder, counting from the first of January this year. That'd be... well, about 70,59 messages per day. Thank the gods for Spamassassin...

In further news, I'm studying for two exams I have this week; the one tomorrow at 8:45AM, the other the day after somewhere in the afternoon. The first is for an Algebra and Discrete Maths course that keeps haunting me; I had my notes from 2004 with me in the practical sessions... [/me hates power series, Euler functions, arrangement functions etc etc...]. Oh well, studying hard will get that course behind me. Some day :)

Also, my cellphone is dying. As KPN has swallowed my cellphone provider Telfort, they're merging the Telfort customers into the KPN network so they can shut down Telfort's antenna park. However, this comes with a change in frequency range on which our cellphones operate, which has brought a mechanical defect to light in my SonyEricsson Z800i clamshell phone. If it's folded open, all is fine and I have a healthy full reception. However, when I close it, or start folding it, halfway through reception will drop dramatically, until the device asks to select a network. After some looking around at the web, it seems to be a defect, where a contact to the antenna doesn't make enough contact to let the signal through. Which just clear sucks, as I now aren't reachable whenever I've folded the phone shut. Like, whenever it's in my pocket, or anywhere for that matter. *Glares at opened clamshell lying at desk*. And there I was, just having concluded I'd wait another few months until some more interesting smartphones would appear. [Preferably with Linux, a touch screen and wifi]. I hope they can fix it, and keep my fingers crossed I have still warranty on the thing...