A rantbox

About elections

"Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."

-James Bovard

At this moment, both The Netherlands and the US are gearing up to elections. Ours is at November the 22nd, and at this moment the race is between the parties PvdA and CDA. The latter has been in the government for the last period, and only did so-so [maybe because of their coalition with the right-wing VVD and the whatever-you-say-I-say-too D66]. PvdA on the other hand has Wouter Bos as first man. And I just don't like him; I think he'd better be D66's first man, as that position would suite him a lot better.

So, apart from me not having all that much political knowledge, it seems the race is between Wouter Bos and CDA's Jan-Peter Balkenende, our current prime-minister. There are quite a few more people not wanting Wouter Bos as new prime-minister, so they deduct correctly they should vote CDA, as that's the only party big enough to rival PvdA in size, which matters here, as the largest party brings the prime-minister. So, the smaller parties with better action points suffer.

Ah, the joys of democracy.